Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of four full time employees. While few in number, our Public Works staff are incredibly dedicated to their work and pride themselves on delivering as high a quality of life to our residents as possible. The routine maintenance activities of the Public Works Department includes landscaping, fleet maintenance, snow removal, minor road repairs, physical plant maintenance, traffic signal maintenance, street sweeping and street signs. The Public Works Department also plays a vital role in Bridgeport's community events operations, such as plotting detours for the annual 5K Run, decorating the town with "Season's Greetings" lights, and erecting the Christmas Tree at Borough Hall.

Contact the Public Works Department regarding any street-related problems such as potholes, snow plowing, or streetlight and traffic signal outages by calling the Public Works Garage at 610-313-3138.

Disabled Parking Space Applications: Residents with a disability are able to apply for a disabled parking space, approval or denial are evaluated on a case by case basis. Applications may be obtained in person at Bridgeport Police Department, or by clicking here.

Departmental Directory

Keith S. Truman
Public Works Director
(610) 272-1811, ext. 234

David Lang
Lead Foreman
(610) 313-3138

Public Works Staff
John Hogan
Colin Stevenson
Orlando Velazquez