Community Events Committee

The Bridgeport Borough Community Events Committee was created in 2018 to assist in the creation, coordination and operation of the varying community events that are hosted by Bridgeport Borough. We believe that offering a variety of events is crucial to providing a high quality of life to Bridgeport residents; whether the events are informative, educational, or simply for amusement. Community events are integral in building and maintaining a sense of community and civic pride. Over the past several years, Bridgeport Borough has hosted both annual events, such as the Bridgeport Carnival and Bridgeport 5K; as well as one-time speaker engagements on topics that range from mental health to a first time homebuyer symposium. The Bridgeport Community Events Committee is always looking for new ideas for events, as well as volunteers to help coordinate and operate these functions. The Community Events Committee meets on the first Monday of every other month, at 6:30pm in Bridgeport Borough Hall, unless otherwise noted.


Cory Scott, Chair
James Fee
Diane Gundrum