Bridgeport Borough Issues Declaration of Emergency in response to COVID 19

Effective March 19, 2020, Bridgeport Borough has issued a declaration of emergency, joining 40 other Montgomery County municipalities. 

What this declaration does do is allow the Borough to more quickly procure supplies and materials needed to help address the public health concern at hand, as well as apply for federal funding to help reimburse for emergency-related expenditures.

While this declaration of emergency does not directly affect the daily lives of any Bridgeport resident, Bridgeport Borough still urges its residents and businesses to follow the guidelines set forth by the Governor, the CDC and other public agencies in order to stem the spread of COVID 19.At this time, the advice being offered by health authorities is to wash your hands frequently, avoid persons who are exhibiting signs of cough and fever and stay home if you are exhibiting these viral symptoms to limit the potential spread of the virus to others. Should you feel sick or believe you have been exposed please contact your doctor's office prior to heading out to their office or hospital in order to limit the spread of this virus. For more information on Coronavirus, please refer to Montgomery County website which will be updated constantly.