Attention Bridgeport Residents,

Please read through the entirety of this message, there is a lot to cover. Bridgeport Borough was made aware this morning that PennDOT plans to start the re-paving of Fourth Street (Route 23) beginning tonight, May 22. This is a project that has been scheduled for completion going back to 2020/21; PennDOT is actually re-paving Route 23 from up by the District 6 building (Geerdes Blvd) all the way down to Matson Ford Road. As much as we are all eager to see Fourth Street re-paved, the Borough would have preferred more advanced notice to help notify residents sooner than this. Here are some notes regarding the actual lane closures and scope of work that we've been able to obtain thus far:

1. Keep in mind that PennDOT is performing this work overnight, with parking restrictions posted as being in effect from 6pm to 5am from May 22 to May 25.

2. PennDOT crews will be completing the milling of Valley Forge Road in Upper Merion heading up to the intersection with Route 202 this evening, and hope to jump over and begin milling Fourth Street in town beginning around 8:30 or 9pm tonight, May 22. So while the no parking restrictions technically begin at 6:00pm tonight, residents should actually have a couple more hours of time before that goes into effect.

3. PennDOT hopes to complete the milling down to the intersection of Holstein Street tonight. While the project is posted as running until May 25, contractors are hopeful that they will have the milling completed more quickly than that and will remove the no parking signage once they've completed each block. If the no parking signage has been removed in your area, you're free to return to parking there.

4. PennDOT will be returning next week to perform the paving overlay of Fourth Street. Contractors estimate that they will return to Bridgeport on Friday, June 2 to commence the actual paving.

5. While the milling and overlay crews will be working overnight, there is also a strong chance that a separate daytime crew will also be in town this week, performing utility related work and base repair. The Borough hasn't received specific dates and times for the daytime crew work, but has been told that the parking restrictions for any day work would run from 9am to 3pm.

6. While crews are working in town, Fourth Street will be reduced to one lane of traffic, with flaggers and traffic control measures being in effect.

7. Residents affected by the parking restrictions on Fourth Street are welcome to utilize the public parking lots located along York Alley (by the public works garage) or the borough hall parking lot at 4th and Mill. Residents are also welcome to use the parking lots owned by the Johnson Family - at 4th and Fraley (behind Dr. Ritrovato's office) as well as the large lot across the street from Taphouse 23. Vehicles will not be towed for parking in these lots - WHILE the Fourth Street project is occurring. The Borough thanks Brian Johnson and the Johnson Family for helping residents out during this pinch.

Please stay tuned to the Borough facebook page and website for additional updates regarding the reconstruction of Fourth Street. We apologize on PennDOT's behalf for any inconvenience.